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Top 5 uses for a Smart TV

Do you know what makes a TV smart?

The major difference between a Smart TV and an average television is the ability to connect to the internet via broadband or hotspot. Besides watching your favorite TV shows, a Smart TV also allows you to surf the web and access to online services such as social media and streaming platforms.

There are many features available on a Smart TV. Check out this list of top uses to fully enjoy your experience of owning a Smart TV:

Browse the web

You can surf the internet on your phone and your computer; now you can do it with your TV too!

Most Smart TVs have a web browser built in, and it works similarly to how you browse the internet on a smartphone. It may not be the smoothest experience, but it’s enough for a quick Google search when you’re lazy to move away from your couch.

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Social media

All of us can’t get enough of social media; it’s just fact. With a Smart TV, you’re more connected than ever!

Scrolling on your social media feed with a Smart TV isn’t much different from a smartphone, but now you have a giant screen for it. Tweeting about your favorite TV show has never been easier!

Stream TV shows

You can only watch so many shows with cable TV. The TV schedules for cable TV shows are also fixed, forcing you to watch at certain times only. The solution to this is a Smart TV.

Netflix and iflix are some of the streaming services on a Smart TV. These apps allow you to watch popular TV series anytime you want. Some TV series are also only available on these streaming platforms!

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Play games

Another feature that makes a TV smart is the ability to play games. Popular app games like Angry Birds and Crossy Road are available now with just a click.

So when you need a break from playing console games, all you need to unplug it from your TV and enjoy the mobile app games!

Play music

Feel like jamming to your favorite music when you’re at home? Just do it with your Smart TV!

All you need to do is to use apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music, and you can fill your house with music. Using a TV may also a better choice to listening with headphones as they have powerful speakers built in them.


If you’re interested in owning a Smart TV, there are many brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony that sells them. Whatever brand you choose, all Smart TVs have the same goal: to give you access to your favorite content.

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