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How to prepare an attractive job opening

You’d think with the internet and online job portals like Jobstreet Malaysia, hiring would be so much easier. While your reach is definitely broader, the competition to attract a talented candidate is getting tougher. Potential employees are getting pickier with their job choices, and if you don’t have an eye-catching job advertisement, they’re going to move on to a better one.

So how do you make sure your job openings are attractive enough to ensure candidates apply for your company? Here are the steps to do so:

Advertise your company’s strength

Besides the job title and its description, a future employee will also judge a company’s profile. It is why it’s essential to showcase your company’s strong points. For example, technology companies offer more flexible working hours while banking companies offer higher compensation.

jobstreet malaysia

Offer challenges in the job description

If you oversimplify the tasks and requirements in your job opening, it may attract inexperienced candidates or people that are looking for an easy job. In the time of crisis, these people may not deliver and put your company in risk.

For example, instead of stating the obvious job roles, state that you’re seeking candidates with a proven track record. People that are competitive and passionate will be more inclined to apply for your company to prove their point.

Make your openings appealing

How your job advertisement appears matters more than you think. Online or print, if it doesn’t grab their attention immediately, you’ve probably lost a candidate already.

Every detail on your job opening such as pictures, spellings and colour has to be right. Avoid writing in long paragraphs and write in bullet points instead. Be straightforward and precise.


How your job opening appears is crucial to the recruitment process your company is going through. Without an attractive advertisement, the chances of potential candidates are significantly lower.

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