shaves2u review

Is the Shaves2U Trial Kit Worth it: A Review

It could because of my father’s influence that I’ve turned into a frugal person myself. I’m not bad as my father that would always go for the cheapest brand, but I still have a hard time convincing myself to purchase more than I should. Some people may call me a cheapskate, but I think I’m saving money in the long run.

But that’s another debate for another day.

Discovering Shaves2U

Before I found Shaves2U, I’ve always used the cheapest razors I could find in the store. My Asian genes also didn’t bless me with a full manly beard, so I didn’t have to go to the store often. I’ve never considered shaving an important task, but more like an annoying chore even if I only had to get a razor a few times a month.

So finding Shaves2U is a miracle to me.

After hearing about the subscription plans and how it works from a kind salesperson outside a train station, I thought I could try it out for just RM6.50.

shaves2u review

Solutions to my problems

Getting Shaves2U solves all my problem: it’s not pricey, and I don’t have to run to the store to get razors anymore because they deliver their supplies to your doorstep. You can also modify your plan to get your package in two or three months.

I’ve only started using the trial kit for a while, but I’m very impressed so far. The blades are sharp, and the shaving cream feels great on my skin.

It’s embarrassing to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to shaving now since I’ve got a good razor blade and a refreshing shaving cream delivered right to my door.

Is it worth it?

So can Shaves2U replace my old ways of buying razors from the store?

I’m still in the first month of trying, but I’m feeling optimistic so far. I believe this Shaves2U subscription plan is more beneficial for hairier guys, but I think it works fine for people like me too.

Who knows, maybe I can convince my father to use Shaves2U and write his own review too.