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How to Become a Great Organisation

Every organisation is closely related to the management of the company. When it comes to organisational management, a lot of things need to be emphasised such as Mission and Vision, Strategy, Marketing Plan, Product, Customer Service and Employee Management.

All of the above aspects need to be managed by an excellent organisation. What is the key factor in producing an excellent organisation? Of course, the employees of the company play an important role in developing a company. Good staff will save an organisation through management, planning, quality control, customer service and more. They will be able to overcome, and solve, the problems that arise with their creativity.

online job posting jobstreet philippines

How to become a great organisation? There are 5 steps to becoming a great organisation.

Find qualified and eligible employees for the job.

A common problem in any company today is that they hire, through ‘’internal” process which in other words finding jobs with the help of insiders instead of using online job sites or others. This should not be the case because based on insiders’ relationship only, we do not fully assess the employee’s ability as we did not research thoroughly the candidate’s background. This hiring technique is not totally wrong since as long as the worker has a fully qualified status to fill that position.

Quality equipment to perform the task.

We as employers must always be open. Put yourself in the place of those who work under you. Think carefully and wisely what they need to do to get better work. Ask yourself if the equipment you provide meets their needs or not.


These are some of the most important features of an organization. As an employer, you should give good feedback on every job your employees do. It is very important in increasing their productivity. As employees, they always want to know if they are doing their job well and correctly.

Exposure to motivation that encourage employees.

An organisation or company is not an entity that can grow on its own. It may increase productivity, increase efficiency levels, increase profits and so on and see an organisation grow. A key factor in an organisation ability to reach that level is its people. As an employer, you constantly develop employees with a variety of approaches, such as self- motivation and always giving them opportunities to learn and try new things.

Give credit.

As an employer, have you ever wondered the main reason why a worker resigns? This is because of ineffective management and employers who do not care for the welfare of their employees. Employees will continue to work faithfully, under excellent management and leadership. Understand their needs, recognise them and reward them for their success and service. Show that they are important in your organisation. Accept and tolerate the ideas they give to improve your organisation.


In summary, these are some of the steps to make a successful organisation. One tip that every person should install in them is to help each other whenever in need. Respect them as an organisation rather than a subordinate.