Budget Airlines in Malaysia For The Smart Traveller

Technology advancement has just made the whole planet a smallish place. What’s better, we no more need to flight companies have to bear an increased cost for cross-border connection and travelling, and another of the reason is caused by a large reduction of flight cost globally. In Malaysia, a number of budget airlines has laid their foundation and began offering attractive deals to customers, making cheap travel possible.


This airline has become one of the popular prominent affordable airline company in Malaysia. Currently, they give you the greatest network of destinations to several countries in numerous continents, including Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, and Hong Kong. Having a really aggressive branding exercise, AirAsia looks to be standing out.

Budget Airline in Malaysia

AirAsia’s low-cost carrier model is centered on 3 things; self-automation, no frills, and cost-saving innovations. Self-automation is centered on encouraging customers to do more DIY (self check-in) to reduce operational costs. No frills is mostly about paying for only what you want (buying add-ons e.g. meals is an independent charge). The most up-to-date cost-saving innovation is Air Asia’s ‘Sharklet wing tips’ which enables their new Airbus A320 aircraft dropping wind drag and provide better fuel consumption.


One of the best budget Malaysian airline that happens to be a subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines is Firefly. Firefly is now offering affordable flights to a number of beautiful places. You’re able to find cheap flights to Singapore, Alor Setar, Langkawi, Kota Bharu, Phuket and a lot more. Firefly’s main hubs can be found at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport and Penang International Airport.

Flight to Singapore & More | Firefly Airline

With around 18 with turboprop aircrafts inside of their fleet, Firefly that operates from the Penang and Subang hubs blends efficiency, comfort, and safety into every flight experience. The airline furthermore partnered with one of the finest travel insurance company in Malaysia, AIG to offer the very best travelling protection.

Check out Firefly’s latest flight promotion to Singapore here:



Malindo Air really is a unique airline because it’s created with a partnership of Malaysia and Indonesia. So the origin in the name, Malindo. Malindo flies to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and China, and there are a lot more than 44 other destinations to select from. The ticket prices of Malindo Air are generally affordable, which everybody can just hop on and fly to their favourite city.

Budget Airline in Malaysia

Malindo Airlines goes beyond to be sure passenger comforts. The seats are spacious when compared with AirAsia. In addition, every seat comes with in-flight entertainment TV screen along with USB port. Malindo also established a travel insurance partnership with Chubb, so passengers will enjoy a worry-free journey throughout their flight.

To discover the least expensive flights and the cheapest deals, you can actually check out the airlines’ official websites, even if this is usually time intensive. Comparison sites like Expedia or Skyscanner will give you clear overview to the flights available on your chosen date and destination. Last advice, try to book with plenty of forethought try to consider money saving deals or promotions whenever you travel on a budget. Safe travels!