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4 Ways Floodwaters Can Damage Your Home

Due to Malaysia’s geographical location, Malaysians are fortunate enough not to experience many types of natural disasters. While we are safe from earthquakes and hurricanes, we do face the terrors of floods during monsoon season along with flash floods in urban areas after heavy rain.

Floodwaters often bring disastrous effects, especially if it’s a severe flood. Besides risking our health with contaminated water, the waters can damage our homes and make them inhabitable. Knowing the dangers of floods, not buying home insurance would be unwise.

Here are the effects of floodwaters on your house:

Causes cracks in your home foundation

When the home foundation gets in contact with floodwaters, the soil or clay absorbs the water unevenly, causing concrete slabs to crack or shift. The shifting will eventually lead to cracked walls, ruptures in pipes and sagging roofs. The floodwaters may also float off the foundation if your house is poorly secured.

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Weakens your drywalls

Water is a natural enemy of drywalls. When your drywalls are wet, they get weak and soft, and it will start crumbling. The absorbed water can also damage the insulating fibres and cause moulding. You’ll have to replace your drywall if that happens.

Ruins your furniture

Depending on the material of the furniture and items in your home, you may not need to throw everything away after a flood. Porous materials may dry after a while, but there may be contaminants in them after being submerged in floodwaters. Plastic, glass and metal items should be usable after disinfection and drying in the sun, but you may need to replace carpets and your laminate flooring.

Damages electrical appliances

It’s basic knowledge that electricity and water don’t mix. Even if you have unplugged your electrical appliances before the flood, chances are you have to replace them if they were submerged. You’ll most probably have to say goodbye to your outlets, wiring systems, computers and fuses.

Stay safe

After a flood, you may want to salvage whatever you can in your home, but it’s crucial to look after your safety and your health. Make sure you are careful when returning to your home and avoid contact with contaminated waters.

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