4 Essentials For Your Next Beach Getaway

You finally have the time for a getaway to a quiet beach. Breezy wind, open skies and cool waters await you this weekend after a long week at work. You may think you’ve thought of everything, like a 4×4 to drive on sand, but here’s a checklist of things to bring to make your trip unforgettable!

Best group of friends

What’s a trip if you don’t share it with the people you love? Invite some of your friends over to relax and catch up with them. After a stressful week dealing with work and errands, they would appreciate a few hours by the beach. Talk to your friends and get them involved in the planning process, so they get to be a part of this getaway too!

Barbecue pit

Barbecuing is a classic and fun activity for you to do by the beachside! Everyone can bring their share and have delicious food being prepared on the spot! You and your friends get a chance to socialise over the grill. There are so many barbecue options on the market, from inexpensive, portable pits to biodegradable single-use ones for convenience. 

Beverages, and lots of it

Since beaches tend to get warm, you and your group need to stay hydrated. Water is a great way to remain quenched while you sweat from the heat of the sun, so it’s best to stock up. Drinks like fruit juice and isotonic drinks help regulate blood sugar levels and supply energy. With some ice in a cooler, you can enjoy your drinks chilled on a beautiful sunny day. 

Tents, umbrellas and mats 

You’ll be spending a few hours on the beach so bring some equipment that’ll keep you comfortable. Tents and umbrellas offer you shade against the sun and a place for you to laze. Mats prevent sand from getting into everything like your food. Here’s a suggestion; if you’re driving a pickup, lay a futon mattress on the open cargo space so you can sit on the vehicle to enjoy the breeze and sunshine while remaining cosy.

Spending time on a beach is now even more appealing and less complicated! All you need is some friends and a few essential items, and you’re on your way to relaxation! Consider a 4×4 for your getaway for more space and effortless driving! Visit https://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.my/triton/ to know more.