Ways You Can Become the Best Interviewer in the Market

Good interviewers are fully aware of what goes on internally and externally in the workplace. They are up-to-date on the current recruitment practices adopted by other workplaces. Hence, always active and improving their conducts. Another platform you should utilize as an interviewer is Jobstreet’s portal. In Singapore, it is one of the largest job portals […]

Psoriasis Malaysia

Psoriasis: Check Your Facts

Psoriasis is a lot more common than you think. Society shuns and shames psoriasis patients because of not enough awareness. Psoriasis is actually a malfunction of the natural bodily systems, causing the skin to become itchy and irritated. Patients usually see their skin become flaky as a result of the accumulation of excess skin cells. […]

Datuk R. Ramanan: Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Malaysia

Peningkatan produktiviti adalah kunci kepada pertumbuhan ekonomi Malaysia Ekonomi Malaysia kekal berdaya tahan terhadap tekanan luar, dengan pertumbuhan Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar (KDNK) dijangka sekitar 4.2% pada 2016 dan 4.3% pada 2017, menurut analisis ekonomi baru dari Bank Dunia. Pandangan ini mencerminkan kelembapan secara beransur-ansur dalam pertumbuhan perbelanjaan pengguna dan pelaburan, memandangkan pertumbuhan ekonomi global […]